I want everythingI will be away for the next week visiting my good friends, meaning it will be difficult for me to respond to comments, and there likely will not be any updates. I’ll talk to you soon, and hopefully no one forgets about me in my absence!

Last week I was running errands with D, and we ended up at Walmart. The list was pretty strict – just a few odds and ends, with the major item being a window fan in anticipation for the stifling hot upper bedrooms. The house is old, and the insulation isn’t great. Add in the fact that there is no attic (okay, maybe 3 inches), and when the heat rises, a lot of it stays in the bedrooms rather than venting up higher.

Except, D didn’t map the best route to the back of the store for the fan, and we ended up walking through the home decor section of the store. I. Wanted. Everything! Half of it wasn’t even all that nice… I just got to a point where I have been dreaming about spiffing up the apartment a little bit with some new pillows, and a large mirror above the sectional. Perhaps $100 total, and I felt like it would make for a nice face-lift.

D saw the look in my eye (cartoon-style dollar signs) and he forced me to focus on the window fan, and then put blinders on me to get to the cash register. Oh boy, I was in a consumer-crazy mode. We made it out of there without any junk, somehow… well I know how – my fiancé.

I’m someone who keeps a little “fat” in the budget in the form of small splurges because otherwise I’d go on a big spending spree when I started feeling deprived. It’s nothing major, just enough to scratch the itch. But over the last six months or so I haven’t really purchased much of anything in comparison. That’s definitely a good thing, because I used to spend way too much… but I feel weird not picking up a new accessory or item as often as before.

Add in the fact that I intend to take advantage of a 10% tax difference between my home province and Alberta (15% sales tax versus 5%), I think I was ramping up for consumption overload. I think it’s good that I realized how much I wanted to purchase items now rather than in a shopping mall for several reasons.

  1. I can warn my best friend of my budgetary restrictions.
  2. I can make a list and stick to it, but still enjoy my time there.
  3. It allows me to be self-aware of why I have the urge to shop.

And so, with those things in mind, I have made a list in an attempt to keep me in check.

  • leather cheque-sized wallet
  • black skinny jeans
  • iPad 2 case
  • oversized tapestry scarf

In reality that list is just replacement items.

My wallet is trashed. Like seriously trashed. The material (vinyl?) is cracked all down one side. The closure has been glued back together so many times before. The change purse split where the zipper is sewn in resulting in raining money in my purse sometimes. I guess that’s what $40 gets you after 2.5 years.

Same goes for the skinny jeans, and the iPad case. My iPad is getting close to 3 years old. And again, I went cheap buying a case off ebay for $10. The seams are ripped and fraying. The iPad half falls out of it when I use it. I think it’s time to get a new case. But I don’t want one that is a sleeve where it needs to be removed every time. It needs to have a window in it like opening a book – I’m too much of a klutz for it not to have a little bit of protection.

The last item on my list is sort of proactive for the Fall. Is it a necessity? Nope, definitely not. But I really want one. It’s also at the bottom of my list for a reason.

So wish me luck. This could get interesting. :)

Also, it probably feels a little weird posting about anticipated shopping on a debt repayment blog, but… well, it’s truthful. I know I am going to spend money while I am there and it’s all tucked safely in my Tangerine chequing account – not my regular chequing account with PC – so that I don’t somehow accidentally spend my rent money. Not that I would, but… ya know, it’s a good additional fail-safe.

I hope everyone has a great week! See you all soon.